Lines of Investigation:

My interests are centered in the ecology of subtidal communities with emphasis on the interactions between fishes and habitat-forming species like macroalgae and corals. I am also interested in understanding patterns of trophic interactions, abundance, distribution and reproductive biology of species in subtidal environments. Im active member of the Kelp Ecosystem Ecology Network (KEEN) as part of a collection of marine scientists around the globe interested in assessing the impacts of global change on kelp forests. Kelp forests are ubiquitous along temperate coasts, covering 25% of the world’s coastline. I do underwater photography and filming since these are very important tools to support scientific content towards the improvement of management and conservation.

Selected Publications:

  • Carrasco, S. A. & Perez Matus, A. (2016) Inshore spawning grounds of the squid Doryteuthis gahisuggest the consistent use of defoliated kelp Lessonia trabeculatain Central Chilean waters. Marine Biology Research
  • Ling SD, Scheibling RE, Rassweiler A, Johnson CR, Shears N, Connell SD, Salomon AK, Norderhaug KM, Pérez-Matus A, Hernández JC, Clemente S, Blamey L, Hereu B, Ballesteros E, Sala E, Garrabou J, Cebrian E, Zabala M, Fujita D & Johnson, L (2015). Global regime shift dynamics of catastrophic sea urchin overgrazing. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.
  • Navarrete-Fernández, T, Landaeta M, Bustos C. & Pérez-Matus, A. (2014) Nest building and description of parental care behaviour in a temperate reef fish, Chromis crusma (Pisces: Pomacentridae). Revista Chilena de Historia Natural. 87: 30.
  • Pérez-Matus A, Ferry-Graham L, Cea A, & Vásquez J. (2007) Community structure of temperate reef fishes in kelp dominated subtidal habitats of northern Chile. Marine and Freshwater Research. 58: 1069-1085. Cover issue