Estación Costera De Investigaciones Marinas Uc Opens New Facilities For Students And Teachers

An investment around the 800 million pesos was made for the new facilities of the Estación Costera de Investigaciones Marinas (ECIM) of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, which were opened this Monday 22nd of June. The facilities of over 640 square meters possess rooms for students and researchers, a kitchen and an all-purpose room.

The funding was granted by the UC, with the support of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas de España  (CSIC).

Ignacio Sanchez, rector of the UC, pointed out that “it is very rewarding to realize the way this project that was born 33 years ago has been consolidating”. He added that ECIM’s new building “offers the space required to produce a rich encounter between the knowledge of the areas of Science, Humanities and Arts”.

Juan Correa, dean of the Facultad de Ciencias Biologicas UC, said that the facilities “allow us to join the select group of foreign coastal stations and centers of excellence, which will certainly contribute to strengthen the international bonding of our activities, that constitutes the central axis of development of the department and the university”.

Sergio Navarrete, UC teacher and ECIM headmaster, highly satisfied indicated that “it is what we were lacking of, because now we’ll be able to use the rooms and facilities of the investigation center in a more efficient way and produce more diverse programs of education and research”.


Along with the opening, an agreement was signed with the Universidad Federal de Río de Janeiro for its incorporation as an associate institution to the Laboratorio Internacional de Cambio Global, institution founded by the CSIC of Spain and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica.

“For eight years we’ve been working with the CSIS, with the result of 22 doctorates, seven post doctorates, a massive oceanographic expedition on the ship Hesperides, and almost 200 publications in scientific magazines of international prestige. But the Universidad Federal de Río de Janiero has also collaborated with us for a year, and now we make official this work through this agreement, which gives us a superior strength within Southamerica on the subject of global change”, commented Mr. Navarrete.

Along with it, it was announced that ECIM will be seat of a Biblioteca Escolar Futuro UC, which will allow Middle School and High School students from all the province of San Antonio to get bibliographic material and spend time with the researchers of the station.