Julie Packard Visited The Estación Costera De Investigaciones Marinas And Interactive Aquariums Room

As part of her visit to our country, the renowned activist pro conservation of the marine ecosystems and executive director of Monterrey Bay Aquarium, Julie Packard, arrived to the Estación Costera de Investigaciones Marinas (ECIM) to visit its facilities and go around the Interactive Aquariums Room destined for schools and institutions.

Packard arrived past Tuesday accompanied by specialists of the different institutions that form the Consorcio de Universidades y Centros Científicos de Educación para la Conservación Marina de Chile, with whom she could appreciate the work of investigators and outreach members of Grupo Milenio.

Seeing the aquariums and the excitement of the children of the Escuela Básica de Las Cruces, who measured the size of the fish and interacted with the species, the director of the Monterrey Aquarium commented that she had “seen the interest of the children, the way they had fun and learned with their teachers”, staying with them through part of her visit, before continuing her way across the laboratories.

The specialists ended their visit with a camaraderie reunion, in which they were able to share and converse with members of the Centro de Conservación Marina.