Student’s Frequently Asked Questions

Where is ECIM located?

ECIM is a campus of Pontifícia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) located in the small town of Las Cruces on the central coast, approximately 115 km west of Santiago.

How do I get to ECIM?

Students will need to arrange their own travel to ECIM.  Most students arrive to Santiago (Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport) and travel straight on to ECIM.  Travel from the airport to ECIM by bus combinations is easy (and safe) and usually takes about 3 hours.

From Airport to Las Cruces:  The airport’s official bus transport will take you to the main bus terminal in Santiago center, where you can then get a bus to Las Cruces.  Upon exiting baggage claim and customs at the airport, go directly outside to the curb and look for the “TurBus Aeropuerto” bus that will take you to the Tur Bus Terminal, which is located at the Universidad de Santiago Metro Station in downtown Santiago.  There are buses leaving approx. every 30 min. between 5:00am-1:00am. Once arrive at the TurBus terminal, you can purchase and get a bus directly to the coast/Las Cruces (no need to leave/change terminal/bus station) – there are usually buses leaving approx. every hour up to around 9pm.  When purchasing ticket to Las Cruces – make sure it is NOT via Casablanca-Algorrobo, as this bus does not make it all the way to Las Cruces (just to El Quisco).  The route should go via Autopista del Sol and Cartagena.  Once on the bus, a person will come by and ask you where you want to get off.  You say “Las Cruces, Municipalidad” (there are 2 options for Las Cruces: Carabineros o Municipalidad – choose Municipalidad).

From the Municipalidad to ECIM:  To get to ECIM from the Municipalidad bus stop you can either take a taxi (< 5 min. ride) or walk (15-20 minute walk).  Taxis are usually available and waiting at the bus stop.

Can I commute daily from Santiago?

No, it is not possible for students to commute from Santiago on a daily basis.  It may, however, be possible to go on the occasional weekend.

What are the housing accommodations like?

We are proud of our facilities.  Dormitories have comfortable, multiple occupancy (max. 2-4) rooms, each with own bathroom.  Each student dorm room contains regular length single beds, desk space with ample lighting, two chairs, and closet space.  The bathroom has a shower and bathtub.

Do I need to bring my own bedding?

No.  Sheets, blanket, and pillow with pillowcase are provided.  However, students should bring their own towel.

Can I find independent housing and live off-campus?

No, in general it is not possible.  Students are required to live and work/study on the ECIM campus full time.  However, we do understand that there can be exceptional circumstances.  Any students seeking to live outside ECIM campus and housing must obtain direct permission from the Director of ECIM.  Note that all costs/fees are the same regardless of use of ECIM housing.

Is there a grocery store and restaurants within walking distance?

Yes.  Grocery store, vegetable markets, fish market, as well as multiple restaurants are within 10-15 min. walk.  If special items not found in Las Cruces are required, the nearby city of San Antonio is easily reached by taxi, collective, or minibus (< 20 min. ride).

May I have visitors at ECIM?

No overnight visitors are allowed at ECIM.

To receive daytime visitors, prior permission is required.