are offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in developing and implementing educational modules based on ECIM research.  With the goal of increasing ocean and scientific literacy, as well as environmental stewardship, projects may focus on outreach activities and/or dissemination of research discoveries.  To gain concrete and operative marine science research experience, students actively participate in ongoing research activities derived from diverse, ongoing projects.  However, the majority of their time is focused on developing an innovative educational project in collaboration with an ECIM investigator and education specialists from ECIM’s Interactive Educational Aquarium.  Projects range from developing practical demonstrations, engaging interactive activities, audiovisual materials, education modules for school-aged children, and press releases to designing/implementing nature education trails.  At the end of the apprenticeship, students present their work in a short oral presentation.  These experiences are tailor-made, so as to incorporate interests/goals of the student and meet all program requirements. Education Apprenticeships are offered throughout the year, with a minimum stay of 3 months.