Videos of Subelab

Press release: launch of public visits to ECIM

Chile is Mar Presentation

Condor by Reason or Science Juan Carlos Castilla

Labstars Episode: Juan Carlos Castilla

Kids TV Show “31 Minutes” at ECIM

About Chile es Mar Award

Researchers – Sergio Navarrete

Pelicans in ECIM, learn about “minimum catch size”

Researchers – Miriam Fernández

Biologist Alba Medrano

UC creates new Network of Regional Centers and Stations (RCER)

Release of Taliepus marginatus larvae

The pleasure of ageing, Juan Carlos Castillas

With our backs to the sea

The odyssey of studying the sea in Chile

UC Passion talks: Sergio Navarrete, Biological Science.

Luc Martin, Director Meric

Laboratory of Global Change