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  • Assessing efficacy of “eco-friendly” and traditional copper-based antifouling coatings and materials in a highly wave-exposed environment. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 11, 217 (2023)
  • person
    Arboleda-Baena, C. Osiadacz, N., Parragué, M.  González, A., Fernández,M., Finke, G.R., S. A. Navarrete. 2023.
  • class Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

  • Reactive persistence, spatial management, and conservation of metapopulations: an application to seagrass restoration.
  • person
    Aiken, C.M., S.A. Navarrete and E.L. Jackson. 2023.
  • class Ecological Applications 2023 Vol. 33 Issue 2 Pages e2774

  • Spatio-temporal patterns of the crustacean demersal fishery discard from the south Humboldt Current System, based on scientific observer program (2014–2019).
  • person
    Landaeta MF, Hernández-Santoro C, Search FV, Castillo MI, C Bernal, SA Navarrete, EA Wieters, R Beldade, AN Campoi, A Pérez-Matus. 2023.
  • class PLoS One, Febrero

  • The hidden diversity of temperate mesophotic reefs from central Chile (south-eastern Pacific Ocean) assessed through towed underwater videos.
  • person
    Navarro Campoy, Alejandro Pérez-Matus, Evie Wieters, Rodrigo Alarcón-Ireland, Vladimir Garmendia, Ricardo Beldade, Sergio A. Navarrete, Miriam Fernández. 2023.
  • class Diversity, 15, 360

  • A quantitative synthesis of approaches, biases, successes and failures in marine forest restoration with considerations for future work.
  • person
    Earp H*, Smale D, Pérez-Matus, A, Gouraguine A, Shaw P, Moore, P. 2022.
  • class Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

  • A Systematic Evidence Map of Conservation knowledge in Chilean Patagonia.
  • person
    MJ Martinez, J Armesto, JC Castilla, A Astorga, J Alwyn, A Buschmann, V Castro, G Daneri, M Fernández, T Fuentes-Castill, S Gelcich, H González, R Hucke-Gaete, P Marquet, F Morello, L Nahuelhual, P Pliscoff, B Reid, R Rozzi, C Guala, D Tecklin. 2022.
  • class Conservation Science and Practice

  • Adaptive effects of parental and developmental environments on offspring survival, growth and phenotype.
  • person
    D Cortese, A Crespel, SC Mills, T Norin, SS Killen, R Beldade. 2022.
  • class Functional Ecology 36(12): 2983-2994.

  • Aggression of an orange-fin anemonefish to a blacktip reef shark: a potential example of fish mobbing?
  • person
    J Schligler, A Blandin, R Beldade, SC Mills. 2022.
  • class Marine Biodiversity 52:(2):1-2.

  • Anemonefish Behavior and Reproduction. In : Laudet V, Ravasi T. (Eds.) 2022. Evolution, Development and Ecology of Anemonefishes.
  • person
    R Beldade, G Bernardi, SC Mills. 2022.
  • class CRC Press, New York. eBook ISBN 9781003125365

  • Climate change in the coastal ocean: shifts in pelagic productivity and regionally diverging dynamics of coastal ecosystems.
  • person
    SA Navarrete, M Barahona, N Weidberg BR Broitman. 2022.
  • class Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 289:20212772.

  • Costs and benefits of brooding among decapod crustaceans: the challenges of incubating in aquatic systems
  • person
    M Fernández, A Brante, S Baldanzi. 2020.
  • class The Natural History of the Crustacea: Reproductive Biology Vol VI: 86

  • Different kelp species support unique macroinvertebrate assemblages, suggesting the potential community‐wide impacts of kelp harvesting along the Humboldt current system.
  • person
    P Carbajal, A Gamarra Salazar, PJ Moore, A Pérez-Matus. 2022.
  • class Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 32(1):14-27.

  • DNA reconciles morphology and colouration in the drunk blenny genus Scartichthys (Teleostei: Blenniidae) and provides insights into their evolutionary history.
  • person
    E Delrieu‐Trottin, H Hartmann‐Salvo, P Saenz‐Agudelo, M Landaeta, A Pérez-Matus. 2022.
  • class Journal of Fish Biology 100(2):507-518.

  • Effects of harvesting on subtidal kelp forests (Lessonia trabeculata) in central Chile.
  • person
    Bularz B, Fernandez M, Subida MD, Wieters E, Pérez-Matus A. 2022.
  • class Journal: Ecosphere. 13 (3), e3958

  • Environmental variability and larval supply to wild and cultured shellfish populations.
  • person
    BR Broitman, C Lara, R Flores, G Saldías, A Piñones, A Pinochet, A Galán Mejía, SA Navarrete. 2022.
  • class Aquaculture 548:737639

  • Hidden interactions in the intertidal rocky shore: variation in pedal mucus microbiomes among marine grazers that feed on epilithic biofilm communities.
  • person
    C Arboleda-Baena, C Pareja, I Pla, R Logares, R De la Iglesia, SA Navarrete. 2022.
  • class PeerJ 10.

  • High-resolution modeling of nearshore circulation in an upwelling ecosystem: resolving sub-mesoscale variability.
  • person
    J Faúndez, C Acary-Robert, C Aiken, SA Navarrete, A Rousseau. 2022.
  • class Institut de Mathématiques et de Modélisation de Montpellier

  • Incorporating the connectivity timescale in metapopulation partitioning.
  • person
    CM Aiken, SA Navarrete. 2020.
  • class The American Naturalist 196:145-156.

  • Independent Effects of Species Removal and Asynchrony on Invariability of an Intertidal Rocky Shore Community.
  • person
    E Fica-Rojas, AM Catalán, BR Broitman, A Pérez-Matus, N Valdivia. 2022.
  • class Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10.

  • Integrating Experiments with Subtidal Death Assemblages to Unveil the Predatory Habits of Muricid Gastropods from the Southeastern Pacific.
  • person
    JC Martinelli, CS Ruz, A Pérez-Matus, MM Rivadeneira. 2022
  • class Palaios 37(10):574-584.

  • Mismatch between shape changes, early growth, and condition for a temperate reef fish from an oceanic island.
  • person
    F Mauricio, Y Figueroa-González, G Moyano, J Vera-Duarte, A Pérez-Matus, G Plaza. 2022.
  • class Marine and Freshwater Research 73:624-636.

  • Multidimensional data analysis to guide the sustainability of a small-scale fishery affected by poaching.
  • person
    S De Juan, MD Subida, A Ospina-Álvarez, A Aguilar, M Fernández. 2022.
  • class Ocean and Coastal Management 127:106290.

  • Open Sea Lab: An integrated coastal ocean observatory powered by wave energy.
  • person
    J Cortés, F Lucero, L Suarez, C Escauriaza, SA Navarrete, G Tampier, C Cifuentes, R Cienfuegos, D Manriquez, B Parragué, N Osiadacz, R Finke. 2022.
  • class Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 10:1249.

  • Predator control of marine communities increases with temperature across 115 degrees of latitude.
  • person
    GV Ashton, AL Freestone, JE Duffy, ME Torchin, BJ Sewall, B Tracy, M Albano, AH Altieri, L Altvater, R Bastida-Zavala, A Bortolus, A Brante, V Bravo, N Brown, AH Buschmann, E Buskey, RC Barrera, B Cheng, R Collin, R Coutinho, L De Gracia, GM Dias, C DiBacco, AV Flores, MA Haddad, Z Hoffman, BI Erquiaga, D Janiak, AJ Campeán, I Keith, JC Leclerc, OP Lecompte-Pérez, GO Longo, H Matthews-Cascon, CH McKenzie, J Miller, M Munizaga, LPD Naval-Xavier, SA Navarrete, C Otálora, LA Palomino-Alvarez, MG Palomo, C Patrick, C Pegau, SV Pereda, RM Rocha, C Rumbold, C Sánchez, A Sanjuan-Muñoz, C Schlöder, E Schwindt, J Seemann, A Shanks, N Simoes, L Skinner, NY Suárez-Mozo, M Thiel, N Valdivia, X Velez-Zuazo, EA Vieira, B Vildoso, IS Wehrtmann, M Whalen, L Wilbur, GM Ruiz 2022.
  • class Science 376:1215–1219.

  • Reef fish diversity across the temperate South Pacific Ocean
  • person
    Pérez-Matus A., Naubauer P., Shima J.S., Rivadeneira M. 2022.
  • class Journal: Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 10:768707.

  • River plume modulation by infragravity wave forcing.
  • person
    Flores, R., Williams, M.E., and Horner-Devine, A. (2022)
  • class Geophysical Research Letters

  • Salt intrusion as a function of estuary length in periodically weakly stratified estuaries.
  • person
    Wei, X., Williams, M.E., Brown, J., Thorne, P., and Amoudry, L.O. (2022)
  • class Geophysical Research Letters

  • The contribution of macroalgal associated fishes to small-scale tropical reef fisheries.
  • person
    S Wilson, C Fulton, N Graham, R Abesamis, C Berkström, D Coker, M Depczynski, R Evans, R Fisher, J Goetze, A Hoey, T Holmes, M Kulbicki, M Noble, J Robinson, M Bradley, C Åkerlund, L Barrett, M Birt, A Bucol, D Chacin, K Chong-Seng, L Eggertsen, M Eggertsen, D Ellis, P Leung, P Lam, J van Lier, P Matis, A Pérez-Matus, C Piggott, B Radford, S Tano, P Tinkler. 2022.
  • class Fish and Fisheries. 23:847-861.

  • Advances and challenges in marine conservation in Chile:A regional and global comparison.
  • person
    Fernández, M., Rodríguez-Ruiz, M., Gelcich, S., Hiriart-Bertrand, L. & Castilla, J.C. 2021.
  • class Aquatic Conserv. Mar. Freshw. Ecosyst. 1-12.

  • Alteration of coastal productivity and artisanal fisheries interact to affect a marine food-web.
  • person
    MI Ávila-Thieme, D Corcoran, A Pérez-Matus, EA Wieters, SA Navarrete, PA Marquet, FS Valdovinos. 2021.
  • class Scientific Reports 11:1-14.

  • Deep Heat: A Comparison of Water Temperature, Anemone Bleaching, Anemonefish Density and Reproduction between Shallow and Mesophotic Reefs.
  • person
    Haguenauer A, Zuberer F, Siu G, Cortese D, Beldade, R., Mills SC. 2021.
  • class Reefs. Fishes 6 (3), 372021

  • Different kelp species support unique macroinvertebrate assemblages suggesting community-wide impacts of kelp harvesting along the Humboldt Current System.
  • person
    Carbajal P, Gamarra A, Moore P, Pérez-Matus A. 2021.
  • class Journal: Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystem.

  • El Vigía del Mar.
  • person
    SA Navarrete, C Escauriaza. 2021.
  • class Revista Universitaria

  • Endemic species dominate reef fish interaction networks on two isolated oceanic islands
  • person
    Fernández-Cisternas I, Majlis J, Thieme-Avila M, Lamb R, Pérez-Matus, A, 2021
  • class Journal: Coral Reef

  • Evolutionary origin of the Atlantic Cape Verde nibbler (Girella stuebeli), a member of a primarily Pacific Ocean family of antitropical herbivorous reef fishes.
  • person
    Beldade, R., Longo, G., Clements, K.D., Robertson R.D., Perez-Matus, A., Itoi, S., Sugita, H., Bernardi, G. 2021.
  • class Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.

  • Experimental Assessment of a Conducting Polymer 3 (PEDOT) and Microbial Biofilms as Deterrents and 4 Facilitators of Macro-Biofouling: Larval Settlement of 5 the Barnacle Notobalanus Flosculus (Darwin, 1854) 6 from Central Chile.
  • person
    Baldanzi, S. Vargas, I.T., Armijo, F., Fernández, M. & S. A. Navarrete. 2021
  • class Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 9,

  • Geographical variation of multiplex ecological networks in marine intertidal communities
  • person
    M Lurgi, N Galiana, BR Broitman, S Kéfi, EA Wieters, SA Navarrete. 2021.
  • class Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 102(1):1-7

  • Kelp harvesting rather than oceanographic conditions shape the population structure of the foundation species Lessonia trabeculata along the Chilean coastline
  • person
    Gouragine A, Moore P, Burrows MT, Velasco E, Ariz L, Figueroa-Fábrega L, Muñoz-Cordovez E, Fernandez-Cisternas I, Smale D, Pérez-Matus A. 2021.
  • class Journal: Marine Biology. 168

  • Long-term exposure to artificial light at night in the wild decreases survival and growth of a coral reef fish
  • person
    396. Schligler J, Cortese D, Beldade, R., Swearer SE, Mills SC. 2021.
  • class Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288 1952, 20210454

  • Observations on the early development of the kelpfish Myxodes viridis (Clinidae) with the first description of their spawning habitat in subtidal kelp forests (Lessonia trabeculata)
  • person
    Journal: Revista de Biología Marina y Oceanografía. 56(1), 66-73.
  • class Ruz C, Garmendia V, Muñoz-Cordovez R, Wieters, Pérez-Matus, A.

  • One of the last undisturbed marine coastal ecosystems on Earth: Spatial and temporal persistence of Darwin´s subantarctic giant kelp forests.
  • person
    Mora-Soto, A*. Capsey A Friedlander AM, Palacios M, Brewin PE, Golding N, Dayton P, Van Tussenbroek BV, Montiel A, Goodell W, Velasco-Charpertier, Hart T, Macaya E, Pérez-Matus A, Macias-Fauria M. 2021.
  • class Journal: Journal of Biogeography.21.0030.

  • Physiological and behavioural effects of anemone bleaching on symbiont anemonefish in the wild.
  • person
    D Cortese, T Norin, R Beldade, A Crespel, S Killen, SC Mills. 2021.
  • class Functional Ecology 35:663-674.

  • Physiological and behavioural effects of long-term host bleaching on symbiont anemonefish.
  • person
    Cortese, D., Norin, T., Beldade, R., Crespel, A., Killen, S., Mills, S.C. 2021.
  • class Functional Ecology.

  • Predator tactics and prey densities modulate the strength of trophic interactions in a temperate rocky reef
  • person
    Muñoz-Cordovez R, Carrasco SO, Ojeda FPO, Pérez-Matus, A. 2021.
  • class Journal: Marine Biology 168: 38

  • Pseudanthias hangapiko, a new anthiadine serranid from Rapa Nui (Easter Island).
  • person
    B Shepherd, HT Pinheiro, T Phelps, A Pérez-Matus, L Rocha. 2021.
  • class Zookeys 1054:1-13.

  • Reef Life Survey: Establishing the ecological basis for conservation of shallow marine life.
  • person
    GJ Edgar, A Cooper, SC Baker, W Barker, NS Barrett, MA Becerro, AE Bates, D Brock, DM Ceccarelli, E Clausius, M Davey, TR Davis, PB Day, A Green, SR Griffiths, J Hicks, IA Hinojosa, BK Jones, S Kininmonth, MF Larkin, N Lazzari, JS Lefcheck, SD Ling, P Mooney, E Oh, A Pérez- Matus, JB Pocklington, R Riera, JA Sanabria-Fernandez, Y Seroussi, I Shaw, D Shields, J Shields, M Smith, GA Soler, J Stuart-Smith, J Turnbull, RD Stuart-Smith. 2021.
  • class Biological Conservation 252:108855.

  • Small-scale bedrooms and associated sediment transport in a macro-tidal lower shoreface.
  • person
    Guerrero, Q., Williams, M.E., Guillén, J., Lichtman, I.D., Thorne, P.D., and Amoudry, L.O. (2021)
  • class Continental Shelf Research, 104483

  • Testing the Test: A Comparative Study of Marine Microbial Corrosion under Laboratory and Field Conditions.
  • person
    R Barros, M Parragué, LK Daille, J Aguirre, F Armijo, GE Pizarro, M Walczak, R De Ła Iglesia, SA Navarrete, IT Vargas. 2021.
  • class ACS Omega 6(20):13496-13507.

  • The MPA Guide: a framework to achieve global goals for the ocean.
  • person
    Grorud-Colvert, K., Sullivan-Stack, J., Roberts, C., Constant, V. Horta e Costa, B., Pike, E., Kingston, K., Laffoley, D., Sala, E., Claudet, J., Friedlander, A., Gill, D., Lester, S., Day, D., Gonçalves, E., Ahmadia, G., Rand, M., Villagomez, A., Ban, N., Gurney, G., Spalding, A., Bennett, N., Briggs, J., Morgan, L., Moffitt, R., Deguignet, M., Pikitch, E., Darling, E., Jessen, S., Hameed, S., Di Carlo, G., Guidetti, P., Harris, J., Torre, J., Kizilkaya, Z., Agardy, T., Cury, P., Shah, N., Sack, K., Cao, L., Fernández, M., Lubchenco, J. 2021.
  • class Science 373: 1215

  • The use of fisher´s knowledge to assess benthic resource abundance across management regimes in Chilean artisanal fisheries.
  • person
    Garmendia, V., M.D. Subida, A. Aguilar & M. Fernández. 2021.
  • class Marine Policy 127 104425.

  • Unravelling interactions between asymmetric tidal turbulence, residual circulation and salinity dynamics in short, periodically weakly stratified estuaries.
  • person
    Wei, X., Schuttelaars, H.M., Williams, M.E., Brown, J.M., Thorne, P.D., and Amoudry, L.O. (2021)
  • class Journal of Physical Oceanography, 51(5), 1395-1416

  • A High-Resolution Global Map of Giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) Forests and Intertidal Green Algae (Ulvophyceae) with Sentinel-2 Imagery.
  • person
    A Mora-Soto, M Palacios, EC Macaya, I Gómez, P Huovinen, A Pérez-Matus, M Young, N Golding, M Toro, M Yaqub, M Macias-Fauria. 2020.
  • class Remote Sensing 12(4):694.

  • Climate change and a developing global crisis on coral reefs.
  • person
    GM Wellington, PW Glynn, AE Strong, SA Navarrete, EA Wieters, D. Hubbard. 2020.
  • class EOS 82:1-5.

  • Combined effects of temperature and hypoxia shape female brooding behaviors and the early ontogeny of the Chilean kelp crab Taliepus dentatus.
  • person
    S Baldanzi, D Storch, M Fusi, N Weidberg, A Tissot, SA Navarrete, M Fernández 2020.
  • class Marine Ecology Progress Series 646:93-107.

  • Comparative phylogeography of three host sea anemones in the Indo‐Pacific.
  • person
    MA Emms, P Saenz‐Agudelo, EC Giles, R Gatins, GB Nanninga, A Scott, JPA Hobbs, AJ Frisch, SC Mills, R Beldade, ML Berumen. 2020.
  • class Journal of Biogeography 47(2):487-500.

  • Connectivity and the identification of Subpopulation Structure for Management and Conservation: The indivisible role of time in the dispersal process.
  • person
    Aiken, C.M. & S.A. Navarrete, 2020.
  • class American Naturalist, 196:145-156

  • Drivers and trends in catch of benthic resources in Chilean TURFs and surrounding open access areas.
  • person
    J Beckensteiner, AM Scheld, M Fernández, DM Kaplan. 2020.
  • class Ocean & Coastal Management 183:1049613.

  • Evidence of illegal catch in the benthic artisanal fisheries of central Chile: patterns across species and management regimes.
  • person
    M Fernández, M Kriegl, V Garmendia, A Aguilar, MD Subida. 2020.
  • class Latin american journal of aquatic research 48(2):287-303.

  • Exploring gaps in mapping marine ecosystem services: A benchmark analysis.
  • person
    L Nahuelhual, X Vergara, F Bozzeda, G Campos, MD Subida, L Outeiro, S Villasante, M Fernández. 2020.
  • class Ocean & Coastal Management 192:1051931.

  • Geographical variation of multiplex ecological networks in marine intertidal communities.
  • person
    M Lurgi, N Galiana, BR Broitman, S Kéfi, EA Wieters, SA Navarrete. 2020.
  • class Ecology 101(11):e031651

  • Hormonal and behavioral effects of motorboat noise on wild coral reef fish.
  • person
    Suzanne C Mills, Ricardo Beldade, Laura Henry, David Laverty, Sophie L Nedelec, Stephen D Simpson, Andrew N Radford. (2020).
  • class Environmental Pollution 262:114250

  • In-situ observations of infragravity response during extreme storms on sand and gravel beaches. 
  • person
    Billson, O., Russell, P., Davidson, M., Poate, T., Amoudry, L., and Williams, M. (2020)
  • class Journal of Coastal Research, 95(SI), 382-386

  • Integration of biophysical connectivity in the spatial optimization of coastal ecosystem services.
  • person
    A Ospina-Alvarez, S de Juan, KJ Davis, C González, M Fernández, SA Navarrete. 2020.
  • class Science of The Total Environment 759:139367.

  • Latitudinal patterns of species diversity on South American rocky shores: Local processes lead to contrasting trends in regional and local species diversity.
  • person
    JJ Cruz‐Motta, P Miloslavich, E Guerra‐Castro, A Hernández‐Agreda, C Herrera, F Barros, SA Navarrete, RD Sepúlveda, TM Glasby, G Bigatti, M Cardenas‐Calle, PBM Carneiro, A Carranza, AAV Flores, P Gil‐Kodaka, J Gobin, JL Gutiérrez, E Klein, M Krull, JF Lazarus, E Londoño‐Cruz, T Lotufo, EC Macaya, C Mora, E Mora, G Palomo, M Parragué, F Pellizzari, R Retamales, RM Rocha, L Romero. 2020.
  • class Journal of Biogeography 47(9):1966-1979

  • Macroalgal meadow habitats support fish and fisheries in diverse tropical seascapes.
  • person
    CJ Fulton, C Berkström, SK Wilson, RA Abesamis, M Bradley, C Åkerlund, LT Barrett, AA Bucol, DH Chacin, KM Chong‐Seng, DJ Coker, M Depczynski, L Eggertsen, M Eggertsen, D Ellis, RD Evans, NAJ Graham, AS Hoey, TH Holmes, M Kulbicki, PTY Leung, PKS Lam, J van Lier, PA Matis, MM Noble, A Pérez‐Matus, C Piggott, BT Radford, S Tano, P Tinkler. 2020.
  • class Fish and Fisheries 21:700–717.

  • Near-future ocean warming and acidification alter foraging behaviour, locomotion, and metabolic rate in a keystone marine mollusc.
  • person
    R Horwitz, T Norin, SA Watson, JCA Pistevos, R Beldade, S Hacquart, JP Gattuso, R Rodolfo-Metalpa, J Vidal-Dupiol, SS Killen, SC Mills. 2020.
  • class Scientific Reports 10(1):1-112020.

  • NetworkExtinction: an R package to explore the propagation of extinctions through complex ecological networks.
  • person
    MI Ávila-Thieme, D Corcoran, SP Castillo, FS Valdovinos, SA Navarrete, PA Marquet. 2020.
  • class bioRxiv Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

  • New Species of Chromis (Teleostei: Pomacentridae) from Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and Salas y Gómez, Chile.
  • person
    B Shepherd, HT Pinheiro, TAY Phelps, EE Easton, A Pérez-Matus, LA Rocha. 2020.
  • class Copeia 108(2):326-332.

  • Novel co-occurrence of functionally redundant consumer species induced by range expansion alters community structure in a rocky intertidal system.
  • person
    Aguilera, M.A., N.Valdivia, B.R. Broitman, S.R Jenkins& S. A. Navarrete. 2020.
  • class Ecology, e03150. 10.1002/ecy.3150

  • Reef Life Survey: Establishing the ecological basis for conservation of shallow marine life.
  • person
    GJ Edgar, A Cooper, SC Baker, W Barker, NS Barrett, MA Becerro, MA Becerro, AE Bates, D Brock, DM Ceccarelli, E Clausius, M Davey, TR Davis, PB Day, A Green, SR Griffiths, J Hicks, IA Hinojosa, BK Jones, S Kininmonth, MF Larkin, N Lazzari, JS Lefcheck, SD Ling, P Mooney, E Oh, A Pérez-Matus, JB Pocklington, R Riera, JA Sanabria-Fernandez, Y Seroussi, I Shaw, D Shields, J Shields, M Smith, GA Soler, J Stuart-Smith, J Turnbull, RD Stuart-Smith. 2020.
  • class Biological Conservation 252:108855.

  • Spatial shifts in productivity of the coastal ocean over the past two decades induced by migration of the Pacific Anticyclone and Bakun’s effect in the Humboldt Upwelling Ecosystem.
  • person
    N Weidberg, A Ospina-Alvarez, J Bonicelli, M Barahona, CM Aiken, BR Broitman, SA Navarrete. 2020.
  • class Global and Planetary Change 193:103259

  • Susceptibility of different materials and antifouling coating to macrofouling organisms in a high wave energy environment.
  • person
    SA Navarrete, M Parragué, N Osiadacz, F Rojas, J Bonicelli, M Fernández, C Arboleda-Baena, R Finke, S Baldanzi. 2020.
  • class Journal of Ocean Technology 15:71-91.

  • The Interaction of rigid materials and anti-fouling coating with biofouling: settlement and growth at different depths in a high wave-energy environment. 
  • person
    Navarrete, S.A., Parragué, M., Osiadacz, N., Rojas, F., Bonicelli, J., Fernández, M., Arboleda-Baena, C. Finke, G.R. 2020.
  • class Journal of Ocean Technology, 15: 71-91

  •   The Anthropocene in Chile: Toward a New Pact of Coexistence, Las Cruces, April 2017.
  • person
    Bauer, C., Correa, C., Gallardo, L., González, G., Guridi, R., Latorre, C., Navarrete, S.A., Pommier, E., Riffo, S., Saavedra, B., Simoneti, C., Tironi, M. 2019.
  • class Environmental Humanities 11: 467-476

  • Abundance, composition and succession of sessile subtidal assemblages in high wave-energy environmens of Central Chile: temporal and depth variation.
  • person
    SA Navarrete, M Parragué, N Osiadacz, F Rojas, J Bonicelli, M Fernández, C Arboletda-Baena, A Perez-Matus, R Finke. 2019.
  • class Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 512: 51-62.

  • An Open System approach to complex biological networks.
  • person
    Rebolledo, R., S.A. Navarrete, S. Kéfi, S. Rojas, P.A. Marquet. 2019.
  • class SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 79: 619–640.

  • Benthic controls of resuspension in UK shelf seas: Implications for resuspension frequency.
  • person
    Thompson, C.E.L., Williams, M.E., Amoudry, L.O., Hull, T., Reynolds, S., Panton, A., and Fones, G.R. (2019)
  • class Continental Shelf Research, 185, 3–15

  • Embryonic and larval traits of the temperate damselfish Chromis crusma reveal important affinities with early stages of Pomacentridae across their variety of thermal ranges.
  • person
    R Muñoz, L de la Maza, A Pérez-Matus, S Carrasco. 2019.
  • class Journal of Fish Biology 95: 613-623.

  • Environmental and demographical factors influence the spatial genetic structure of an intertidal barnacle in central-northern Chile.
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